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How Sergers Differ From Classic Sewing Machines


A serger sewing machine proves to be an excellent tool for those who are into different kinds of sewing projects. When you are going to sew something, you cannot expect the hems, seams, and lines to be clean. If you look at them closely, you will realize that they will have raw edges and some fibers that you need to remove.

However, you cannot simply use any machine. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the items and that can only worsen the condition. Difference between Serger Sewing Machines from Straight-stitch One

Perhaps you are going to ask, “Why can’t I use my straight-stitch sewing machine for this one?”

A serger sewing machine, also known as overlock machine, makes use of loopers so you will be able to create a stitch. What’s more, there is also a pair of knives included in the serger. It works like a scissor, cutting the frays of your dress or whatever sewing project you have while you are sewing.

You can do everything manually, but if you are doing a lot of multiple sewing projects, you definitely need all the time that you can possibly have. Sergers can help you cut down the time you spend finishing each garment, giving them a more polished look within minutes.

The Janome 644D Sewing Serger Review

Major sewing machine brands have their own sewing sergers line. All you need to do is to pick one that suits your preference, style, need, and budget. A good example is the Janome 644D My LockSerger. It is equipped with electronic control, so it will be very easy for you to make some adjustments on some of its parts.

To create an overlock stitch, the machine also contains 2 needles and between 2 and 4 threads. The Janome 644D has the capability to handle different kinds of fabrics and to perform various special effects in your garments. The Janome serger sewing machine also makes it very convenient for you to change the ratio of the differential feed.

Normally, there are a number of sewers that are finding it really hard to insert threads into their sergers. With Janome 644D My LockSerger, everything becomes a breeze. The machine possesses a thread guide, which is basically color coded. It also has a lower looper that is self-threading. This means that you just place the thread in the guide, turn on the switch, and the lower looper will immediately thread itself.

Useful Serger Sewing Machine Accessory

The Snap-on Side-cutter fits any sewing machine that contains a snap-on shank, even sergers.

Normally, the blade is connected close to the sewing machine’s presser foot. It is also an ideal addition to a zigzag sewing machine. Because of its sharp cutting technology, you can guarantee a professional serge stitch in no time.

It can cut the excess hems and lines of whatever material you have even when you are still sewing. Moreover, the addition does not in any way obscure your view with your needle, if you are going to sew from the front. At a price of less than $50, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty.